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Dr. Pimple Popper’s Exclusive Recap of Episode 2 of her TLC Show!

If you guys haven’t heard already, I have a brand new reality show on TLC called Dr. Pimple Popper, and I’m helping patients from all over the country remove their lumps and bumps and deal with their skin conditions.

Last night was our second episode, and I wanted to give you guys a little inside scoop and some commentary about the patients I saw. So read on and enjoy!!


Ronen is truly such a sweet guy. It broke my heart to know that he was so suspicious and distrustful of doctors.

When he came to the office, it was pretty crazy to see that huge bump on his thigh, and it was hard for me to immediately determine what it was because of where it was on his leg. I don’t usually see cysts or lipomas on that part of the body. Luckily, as soon as I did that small extraction I realized it was a cyst. But not just any ol’ cyst… the biggest cyst I have literally ever seen. And you popaholics know I’ve seen a LOT of cysts!

As you guys could probably see, Ronen was pretty scared before his procedure. I did really want him to watch the process and see what was happening, but he was a lot more frightened than I realized, and I think that made the procedure pretty tough for him. Knowing he was struggling and in pain was really hard for me. It was a really long, tough process to get out all that oatmeal (Cottage cheese? What do you guys think?) and all that old wallpaper!! We were actually at the office filming this removal until almost 10 PM!

But I’m not gonna lie to you guys, Ronen’s cyst looks better than I could have dreamed. I’m so impressed with how it healed.

I’m happy that, even if just to a small degree, I’ve helped Ronen to trust doctors more. But I better not become his ONLY doctor, I’m not in charge of his heart or his lungs, that’s for sure! 😂

PS – Do you guys see the bag in the background on the chair?! Those are RAINBOW COOKIES that Ronen brought me all the way from Flushing, New York!! ❤️


Hidradenitis suppurativa is a really devastating chronic skin condition. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for it, and it’s more common than most people realize. I bet a lot of us actually know someone who has to deal with this relentless, painful and embarrassing skin condition and feels like they need to hide from the world.

To break it down a little, hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a disease of the hair follicle, and it happens in the areas of the body where we have apocrine sweat glands. When someone has HS, they have this chronic irritation in their hair follicles. When their body notices that irritation, it attacks those areas because it’s trying to get rid of the intruder, and that’s what makes the area so red and irritated and puss-filled.

Amber’s corticosteroid injections were not easy, injecting areas that are already so swollen and irritated was definitely very painful for her. I hate hurting people, and it was so tough to cause her pain, but I knew corticosteroids would help give her some relief from her pain.

I’m so happy to tell you guys that after her injections, I talked to Amber about trying a biologic medication. She was scared, but I think I convinced her that the risks are worth the benefits.

So, we worked to get Amber approved and started on a biologic medication called Humira. We were able to connect her with a board-certified dermatologist in Oklahoma who can continue her treatment.

This medication doesn’t cure her HS (nothing can cure HS, sadly), and those downsides I mentioned earlier are that it’s very expensive and can also decrease your immune system, so you have to be very vigilant and take things very seriously if you do get sick. But Humira also has the potential to greatly improve Amber’s quality of life, and it could be life-changing for her.

The person that Amber calls at the end, who I put her in contact with, is on Humira and is doing great, so I’m really so happy that they could form a friendship to help each other cope with this super tough condition.

Oh, and Amber has been getting involved with Hope for HS, and she hosted a live Viewing Party of the episode last night on Facebook! You guys can check it out here!! 

Sandy (& Tommy)

I wanted more than anything to evict Tommy entirely for Sandy (and Paul!) but I will be really honest with you guys — I really wish I could have done more for her.

I just couldn’t get the whole lipoma out and I was very frustrated and upset with myself. But I also knew that I just couldn’t proceed anymore. On your neck there are so many important nerves and veins and muscles, and I knew that if I accidentally disrupted any of these structures it would be life-altering for Sandra, and not in a good way.

So because Tommy was stuck to, and really actually wound around these structures (and because there was scar tissue present from her previous, incomplete removal) it just meant that I had to give up eventually.

However, I don’t think it was a total failure, because I DID make it look a little better and less noticeable. I’m really hoping for Sandy that it doesn’t grow any bigger.


This was another one for the books! Hands down, Kristy had the BIGGEST milium I’ve ever seen.

In case you aren’t familiar with milium, they are these very superficial epidermoid cysts. Most people get them as these tiny white bumps on their skin that almost look like whiteheads. Milia are super common around the eye area.

But Kristy’s was hanging off her eyelid, and it must have been quite heavy, weighing down on her eye and obstructing her vision. And of course, it was so tough for Kristy because a growth like that is just not something you can hide from people.

Removing this milium for Kristy was tricky because of how it was placed on her eye. Ultimately it was a pretty simple procedure, it took less than 5 minutes, but I know it changed her life so drastically. This is really the best kind of procedure and the type of procedure that I just love to do.

I really hope you guys enjoyed the episode! Comment and let me know what you thought!

  1. Thank you for sharing all the stories! Ronen reminded me of my mom when I was a teenager. The cyst was on her right leg is the same spot as his; hers, however, was not as large! I remember the doctor saying to was a large piece of “chicken fat”!

  2. Thank you to all the patients who’ve allowed us to share in their stories. I am glad all of last nights stories had happy ending but the crazy popoholic in me was over the moon watching Ronens cyst. It was everything!

  3. I really enjoy watching your show! But the most enjoyable parts of the show is watching you help your patients & seeing how much better they feel when you’re done!

  4. I love the passion you have for really helping your patients, most doctors don’t have that. I, like Ronan, don’t trust doctors much, they really have to listen and and be actually willing to help and all of your YouTube videos and this TLC series showcase your willingness to do both.
    I think you’re amazing and I’ve gotten a few people, including my sister and daughter to watch your videos and this show. They both agree that your passion for your patients is phenomenal. We will be watching all the episodes and hopefully it’ll be picked up for another season.

  5. I would love to watch the rest of Ronan’s surgery. Will you be able to post it on You tube? The sack (wallpaper) on his cyst was so thick, almost like the ones on the scalp. Did you send it for pathology?

  6. Is laser hair removal something that could potentially help with HS? Thank you Dr Lee for sharing what you do with all of us. I love watching your videos and seeing how transformative the work you do for people is!

    1. I also have HS and have tried everything under the moon. Antibiotics, accutane, spiro, hair removal, diet, etc.

      Hair removal helped a little. After doing the hair removal I did the AIP diet to get healed enough to try another Laser….Actually the laser used at a gyno (core intima laser). I saw amazing results with the diet, within 2 weeks had a substantial improvement. I also started noticing flare ups in conjunction to foods I ate. I also had a food sensitivity test done which appears to be pretty accurate for me. In any case, the diet is what helped me the most, putting my HS in complete remission. From there I was able to use the core intima laser to reduce scarring and redness etc. For the most part I’m hs free, even though I’m not on the diet. There are certain foods I can not eat and I stay away from those.

  7. Hi Dr. Lee! I love seeing you connect with your patients. You treat them like family rather than patients. You are so genuine and kind. So excited and looking forward to next weeks episode. P.S. Ronen’s cyst reminded me of cottage cheese! His was my favorite!

  8. I wish I could have seen the full episode down here in Australia. I am a HS patient and have found weekly Humira has really changed my outlook on life. I don’t miss the steriod injections as they were the worst. Im so glad you could help Kristy. As you said this is quite a common condition but I meet people all the time who never realised that there was something they could do. Thanks for raising awareness. Love your work.

  9. I so wish i could have watched the episode :/ Wondering if Ronens’ extraction will ever make it to YouTube??? The popaholic in me is dyingggg to see it…😆
    Dr. Lee is the best ever , prople are lucky to have such a caring and wonderful person such as her to be working in them!!!

  10. With a growth like “Tommy” is it possible that it could grow and infiltrate vital structures such as spinal cord and brain? Isn’t there a danger in leaving these things in the body so long, that they continue to grow and become more complicated to remove, as some of the patients have done?

  11. My heart really goes out to Amber; I hope she can get some pain relief from the injections and medication. I’d love for her to give a follow up after she’s been on the meds for a while.

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