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Exclusive Recap: Dr. Pimple Popper Premiere On TLC!

I really hope you guys were able to watch the premiere episode of Dr. Pimple Popper, my NEW reality show on TLC! (and if you didn’t you can watch it online on TLC here!) I cannot tell you how much fun it has been to film and how amazing it’s been to help these wonderful patients remove the lumps and bumps that are not only hurting them but making them so self-conscious.

SO, whether you watched the premiere, just couldn’t get enough and are searching for some behind the scenes stuff, or you just want a recap straight from me, here it is!!

Patient 1: Melissa


Melissa came to me with one of THE largest Lipomas I have EVER seen or removed… and as popaholics know, I have sure seen a LOT of lipomas in my day!!

Melissa was pretty shy, but she was incredibly sweet. I’m not going to lie to you guys — her lipoma was tough to remove. It was so big and it had all these different lobes.

Melissa was pretty scared (understandably!) so I had to talk her through the procedure. The problem was that even though she was numbed with local anesthesia, she could still hear all the sounds of the surgery happening right behind her head and that can be really stressful!

It’s going to take 3 months for Melissa’s neck to fully settle and heal, but she’s going to look incredible!

Patient 2: Tyler

Tyler was SUCH a sweetheart. His first cyst came out so beautifully — just like mashed potatoes!


The second one though, that bump above his right brow, I was worried about. I thought fleetingly that it could be a dermoid cyst, which scared me a bit because that would mean it could potentially be dangerous to remove and that it was maybe even connected to his brain or cerebrospinal fluid (that’s this clear, colorless liquid in our bodies that’s found in the brain and spinal cord). Thank GOODNESS that was not the case!

I love the scene where he shaves off his beard… he actually had a bet that he would shave his beard if he had these cysts removed and he got a good diagnosis, so THAT’S why he shaves at the end!!

Patient 3: Tahj

What can I say about Tahj besides that he is just absolutely hilarious and a TRUE popaholic?! He had more than 60 steatocystomas that we needed to pop so he spent most of the day with us, we had lunch together and had so much fun! He watched his entire procedure with that mirror in his hand!

At one point during the day, he actually FaceTimed his friends while I was removing one on his abdomen so they could see! More true popaholics right there!

Patient 4: Amber

Keloids, especially ones as big as the ones that Amber had on her ears, can be really tricky to deal with. The problem with keloids is that they grow when there’s been trauma to the skin. But, in order to get rid of a keloid, you have to cut it off and cause more trauma, which can create this terrible vicious circle.

Luckily, I think this procedure went really well. To hopefully help prevent any recurrence, Amber is coming back to me monthly for intralesional steroid injections (that just means we’re injecting the steroid directly into the lesion).

Look how amazing her ears look now!!

I was so touched when Amber gave me one of her favorite headbands. When she had her keloids, she wore them every single day to hide them, and now she’s just so so happy she no longer needs them!

And there you have it! If you guys really can’t get enough, check out this video I put together of some scenes from our last day of filming!


What did you guys think of the episode?! Who was your favorite patient? Comment and let me know!!

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