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Here’s Why You Need Your Beauty Rest!

It’s a common myth that your skin, just like you, sleeps at night. It’s actually the complete opposite! Every night, your skin is throwing a little party! It’s your body’s time to regroup from the day, regenerate cells and repair damage — it’s no wonder they call it beauty rest!

When you’re asleep, your skin can focus.

During the day, skin is often slathered with sunscreen and makeup and being assaulted by environmental irritants, harsh temperatures, and ultraviolet light. At night, we’re laying in a singular position and the room is generally temperature controlled and free of irritants. Your skin is much more absorbent in the evening. Because it doesn’t have to defend itself against the elements, your body is able to process the products applied to it and garner what they provide without any environmental or cosmetic intrusions.

Cells turn over while we sleep, revealing brighter skin after your morning cleanse.

Without any distractions, skin can get down to business, allowing cell turnover and desquamation (the shedding of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface) to function uninterrupted and reveal bright, fresh skin in the morning. When you wash your face in the morning, you sweep away dead skin cells from the night before and maintain the skin’s ability to protect itself with fresh new cells.

Skin balances out moisture levels in the evening.

Hydration is key to skin health, and the body’s moisture levels are balanced during sleep, ensuring your skin has the correct levels of moisture to maintain healthy skin function throughout the day. During the day, skin can fall victim to excessive transepidermal water loss due to lack of proper hydration, protection, or extreme temperatures/conditions.

Expert tip: Using the right moisturizer after you cleanse in the morning helps to maintain the appropriate moisture levels skin achieves during sleep throughout the day!

Check out the SLMD Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15 for daytime protection and the SLMD Facial Moisturizer for nighttime hydration!

Production of hormones, particularly stress hormones like cortisol, is regulated in the evening.

Excess production of hormones, like cortisol, break down the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers, causing acceleration of the visible signs of aging. Want to minimize sagging and loss of volume in the long run? Get a good night’s sleep! A full night of rest also helps to regulate stress levels, and because stress and hormones playing a major factor in the formation of breakouts and blemishes, sleep is even more paramount to good skin health.



So while good skincare is important, good sleep is just as paramount to good skin! Our skin is an accurate reflection of how we take care of ourselves. There’s not a skincare product in the world that can replicate the effects of proper nutrition and good sleep, and the benefits of both far exceed just healthy skin! So regularly get some rest and you’ll wake up to a gorgeous complexion for sure.

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