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Ingredient Spotlight: Ginger Root Extract

You’re probably familiar with ginger in that you eat a pickled version of it when you go out for sushi, but did you know that ginger root is actually a superfood? Not only that, but now it’s popping up in all sorts of skincare products. Research is emerging on the potential skin benefits of ginger root, and all signs point to it becoming a heavyweight in the industry. Here’s a few things you should know before you try it.

What is ginger root extract?

Ginger root’s name is deceiving because technically it’s not a root, it’s a rhizome! It sounds complex, but that just means it’s the underground stem of the flowering ginger plant. Ginger root’s rhizome contains gingerols, which are strong anti-inflammatory agents. Probably best known for treating nausea and upset stomach, ginger goes back centuries as an herb used in medicine. It has an unmistakably robust and spicy scent.

Ginger root extract is simply a tincture made from ginger. It comes in a dropper bottle, usually combined with water and glycerin. Ginger root extract is added to all types of skincare products, from body washes and cleansers to toners and serums.

How does ginger root extract work in skincare?

When ingested, ginger root increases circulation, speeds up healing, slows down aging, and acts as an anti-inflammatory. And believe it or not, when used on the skin it has all the same benefits. There are around 40 antioxidants found in ginger, which makes it a powerfully anti-aging solution. It prevents damage from free radicals and strengthens the skin, which helps the body ward off future harm. Because ginger stimulates circulation, it encourages cell turnover and increases skin elasticity.

Not only is ginger root extract anti-aging, it’s also antibacterial. Like other medicinal plants, ginger root extract speeds up wound healing and reduces the appearance of scars. When it comes to specific inflammatory skin conditions, such as cystic acne, eczema, and psoriasis, not as much is known about the benefits and risks of applying ginger root extract topically to the skin. However, taking a ginger root extract supplement or adding ginger in your diet has the potential to calm inflammation and lead to clearer skin.

Who benefits from ginger root extract in skincare?

Ginger root extract’s antiseptic and antibacterial properties make it an excellent cleanser and treatment for acne. Remember how it increases circulation in the skin? That also helps with breakouts, so you’ll look and feel rejuvenated. There is some buzz that ginger root extract can reduce acne scars or hyperpigmentation, but unfortunately, the research is still inconclusive on this topic.

For now, it’s a great acne-fighting, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging ingredient, so keep your eyes on ginger root extract. There could be big things in its skincare future.

Want to try out a gentle dose of ginger for your skin? SLMD Skincare combines eucalyptus and ginger root with salicylic acid to create a refreshing and gentle, yet antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, Salicylic Acid Cleanser!

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