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Finally, An Excuse To Avoid Washing Your Hair!

How frequently you wash your hair can make or break its health. Looking for long, lustrous locks that are easy to style but have minimal breakage and maximum shine? Contrary to what you may think, washing your hair every day won’t yield these results.

So why will skipping a daily wash be better for your hair in the long run?

Daily washing causes hair dyes to fade.

Want to maintain your new highlights? Minimize the frequency of washing as much as possible. While dye is permanent, the toner that’s applied to hair is easily worn away, leaving only a version of the shade you started with. Color-treated hair is also much more prone to damage since the process of infusing the cuticle with dye leaves hair open to dryness and frizz. Plus, there’s the financial benefit: washing colored hair infrequently isn’t just healthier, it’s also a protection of your investment!

Scalp health is directly connected to hair health.

The scalp is where healthy hair is born, so applying shampoos that strip the natural protective barrier of the scalp’s skin creates an inhospitable environment. Minimizing washing creates an ideal base for new hair to grow.

Natural oils make hair easier to style.

While it feels great, soft, freshly washed hair isn’t always the easiest to style. Allowing those natural oils to seep into your locks minimizes the need for texturizing/styling products and leaves you with a world of styling possibilities you may have otherwise given up on!

Exposure to chemicals can cause major damage.

Our hair is delicate, and just like our skin, too much exposure to heat and detergents can cause major drying, damage, and brittleness. Maintaining your hair’s healthy moisture balance is key to keeping its proteins healthy, strong, and smooth. Frequent exposure to strong, cleansing detergents inevitably disrupts that balance over time, leaving you with hair that’s less like silk and more like straw.

Luckily, if you just can’t bear the feeling of day 2 (or 3… or 4!) hair, there are tons of dry shampoo products that help to absorb oils, odor and give hair a pump of volume. So ditch the daily shampoo and invest in your hair’s health! You’ll be rocking a bright, healthy mane in no time.

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  1. I’d love to skip a day of washing; however, my hair is incredibly oil. I tried not washing my hair one day and by noon it looked really dirty. I usually use very mild or organic shampoos. Do you have any suggestions for someone in my situation?

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