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The One Thing Your Skincare Routine Is Missing

Does the word “exfoliating” scare you? Does it conjure up images of someone intensely scrubbing at their skin? Well, we’re here to tell you that even though you’re not alone in thinking that, you’re wrong! We mean that in the nicest, kindest way of course — exfoliating is a hugely important part of your skincare regimen, and there are tons of amazing tools and products out there (like Daily Concepts!) to help you add exfoliating into your routine… without scratching all your skin off. But before we tell you why Daily Concepts scrubbers are so helpful, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about exfoliating.

What does “exfoliation” even mean?

To exfoliate means to gently (that’s the key word here!) help your skin shed its older, dull layers to make room for new, soft, fresh layers of skin. You know how snakes shed their skin to make their scales even brighter, fresher, and more protective? Exfoliating your skin is just like that… only a little less dramatic.

When we talk about our skin shedding, it’s the skin on our entire body. Some people think about just their legs, or elbows, or face… wherever they happen to be the driest. But it’s important to realize that exfoliating is important from head to toe.

There are two main ways to exfoliate your skin: with a chemical exfoliator or a physical exfoliator, which is what we’ll mainly be talking about in this story. Physical exfoliants can be in the form of scrubs, with little beads or granules in them, or tools – like sponges, brushes, or Daily Concepts tools.

Why is exfoliating so important?

For so many reasons!

Your skin naturally sheds – our skin is our largest organ, and it’s constantly changing and regenerating. In fact, your skin rebuilds itself approximately once a month! Pretty crazy, we know. When you exfoliate, you are helping your skin to regenerate itself — clearing old, dead cells to make way for new ones.

Did you know that one of the main ingredients in clogged pores — what you probably call blackheads and whiteheads — are dead skin cells? When these dead cells mix with your skin’s natural oil, boom, clogged pores appear. Once bacteria makes its way into those clogged pores, that’s when red, painful pimples show up. So the best way to prevent clogged pores and acne? Get rid of those dead cells so they can’t stay in your pores.

Ever felt like your skin is dull, rough and dry? When dead cells sit on the top of your skin, it can make your skin look less than impressive. Exfoliating away that dead layer can help more than you realize!

You know all those serums, moisturizers and skincare products you’ve spent your hard-earned dollars on over the years? When dead cells have been cleared from your pores, it helps ensure that these products can properly penetrate your skin… otherwise they end up just sitting on top, not doing anything.

“I completely understanding that in our everyday lives, we simply get caught up in our normal routines, and a lot of times, that leaves exfoliating low on the list,” says Emilio Smeke, CEO and founder of Daily Concepts. “But it’s so important to exfoliate daily, and that’s where Daily Concepts comes in.”

Okay, you’ve convinced me. What are the best tools for exfoliating?

We’re in love with Daily Concepts — a line of face and body exfoliators that make helping your skin get rid of those pesky dead cells a breeze. They’ve got tools for the face (like the handy Facial Micro Scrubber) and body (like the amazing Back Scrubber) that are affordable and easy to use.

Some Daily Concepts scrubbers are dual sided, with two different fabrics, and are gentle enough to use a few times a week or every day. Plus, you can use them with the body or face wash you already use and love.

They’re made from organic knitted cotton and nylon loops, plus soy-based foam, all of which the brand manufactures. “The nylon loops are what kick up the exfoliation effect of the cotton, which helps with the removal of dead skin cells,” explains Emilio. “The foam we use is a lathering component and it’s infused with the antimicrobial, therefore it’s crucial in extending the freshness and life of our products.”

We also love Daily Concepts because their packaging is reusable – each scrubber comes with its own suction cup, which you can use to stick the holder onto the wall of your shower. When you’re traveling or headed to the gym, you can keep it in its handy packaging, pull it off the wall and know that your exfoliation routine doesn’t have to suffer just because you’re on the move.

But why can’t I just use a regular loofah or wash cloth?

This is what real luffas growing on vines look like before they’re turned into body scrubbers.

We didn’t know this before talking to Emilio, but real loofahs are actually natural scrubbers that grow on tropical Luffa Trees!

“They’re great when used right, but many companies take the seeds out and bleach them to control the abrasiveness level,” explains Emilio. “Regular cloths will just spread soap around your body without exfoliating your skin.”

Daily Concepts products, however, were designed from their inception to exfoliate the right way, with a gentle enough texture for all skin types. They’ve all been through what the industry calls Repeat Insult Patch Testing (RIPT) so that they’re clinically, allergy and dermatologist tested. Plus they’re all Cruelty Free!

Besides those awesome nylon loops, one of the best qualities of Daily Concepts scrubbers is that they have an expiration tag. Most people use loofahs for endless amounts of time, which can be pretty gross since they accumulate a ton of dirt and bacteria that you’re then putting right back onto your body. (Gross, we know!) Not only are Daily Concepts tools antimicrobial, they have a tag that slowly wears down, then tells you when it’s time to toss and replace ‘em!

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  1. Is it safe to use this product if you have rosacea on your face. Also where do you find Daily Concepts products, I’d like to be able to purchase at a retail store.

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