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  1. Hi my daughter had one on her back..had it removed 2 times..grew back. Then it came back again but started growing in towards her lung..so she had it removed in the hospital and finally never grew back. It was very close to her lungs and very big.

  2. I had a blackhead on my left chest above my breast, and squeezed it three times before I decided that was not a good idea and left it alone. A few months down the road I saw that there was a bump that seemed to be getting bigger. I kept watching it because it didn’t hurt. One day a few weeks ago it started to hurt and I kept an even closer watch until one morning it started to look red. I watched it a couple of more days and then decided to see the doctor because it was now raging red. Was told it was a cyst/boil. Was given antibiotic Cephalexin, and was told hot compresses 3-4 times a day. Four days later not much better so the boil/cyst was lanced and puss came out. She squeezed as much as possible out and gave me a stronger anitbiotic/ Sulfa based. I was so scared of the possible side effects of that one I chose to continue with the Cephalixin.
    The substance was sent to the lab and was told it was not something to worry about, but to continue with the stronger antibiotic. I did not share with the PA that I had not taken the second prescribed antibiotic, but still continued with the Cephalexin.
    In the meantime I continued on with the hot compresses and squeezing out the boil/cyst with positive results. I used neosporin and always covered the area. The boil/cyst has gone down considerably in the last three days, but I am afraid that this might be a Lipoma and that if they don’t take the sack out it will reappear. I will be 72 in February and want it gone, and I am concerned that it will keep coming back. I have a “soft” lump on the right side of my right temple. It is small but was noticed by my hairdresser too. It just appeared one day, but has not grown since I first noticed it a few months ago and am concerned that this may also be a Lipoma. More concerned right now about the boil/cyst on my left chest/over my left breast. Can you recommend a dermatological surgeon here in my area Charlottesville, Virginia

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