Krista Xavier


Krista Xavier is a contributing author who is thrilled to be working with The Pretty Pimple! With a 6-year background in all aspects of the beauty industry including retail, spa, and content creation, Krista is a true skincare junkie whose true passion is providing consumers with accurate, scientifically-grounded skincare information. Krista has been contributing skincare and beauty content to numerous blogs and sites for 2 years, most notably partnering with Adore Beauty, an Australian beauty retailer, to provide full product and ingredient guides to help consumers make the best choices for them. Krista also has a personal blog,, in which she takes a comedic and lighthearted look at the skincare industry. Krista is truly passionate about the mission of The Pretty Pimple - to give consumers a guide to skincare and dermatology that they can trust!

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